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We proudly acknowledge our Country, Wiradjuri and our ancestors and elders past, present and future. We acknowledge all First Nations peoples, their lands, ancestors and elders past, present and future.

A special thanks to:

  • The Wiradjuri Council of Elders
  • Uncle Stan Grant Snr
  • Brittany Carter
  • Tania Rossi
  • Leteisha Harris
  • Harry Lambshead
  • Uncle Lloyd Dolan
  • Aunty Deb Evans; and

all those who have contributed to the revival of Wiradjuri language and those who continually practise and teach Wiradjuri culture to our next generations.

It is important to acknowledge the invaluable contribution from Dr Uncle Stan Grant Snr AM for his more than 30 years work in the reclamation of the Wiradjuri language. Much of the research and available information and resources are the result of Uncle Stan’s tireless work.


About Wiradjuri Kids

Wiradjuri kids online was developed to provide opportunities for our kids and youth to learn and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of Wiradjuri language.

The reclamation of Wiradjuri language by Wiradjuri people is critical to the survival of our language long into the future.

The resources on this website are newly created and will continue to grow. Level 1 is the beginning and is aimed at children from the age of three. However, parents can easily read many Level books to younger children to start building awareness of word sounds and grammar from an early age.

By subscribing to this website you are supporting the continual development of these important resources now and into the future.

Wiradjuri kids is motivated by the reclamation of language by our people and we are supportive of other First Nations groups who are working towards their own language reclamation. The books on this website form a solid template which can be easily adapted through simple changes in language for other groups who may be interested in using the templates. Enquiries are welcome by CLICKING HERE.



Grant, S., & Rudder, J. (2010). A new Wiradjuri dictionary. Wagga
Wagga: Active Print.

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